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Upon arrival, get set up and be ready to hang suspended with your feet dangling as the immersive onscreen films whisk you away on exhilarating journeys above the world's most iconic natural wonders, all set to a captivating musical score.
Before your flight, there will be 45 minutes to relax in the lobby and grab a drink before the multi-sensory experience begins. From there, begin with a custom preshow by Moment Factory, a renowned multimedia studio specializing in immersive experiences, plus a pre-flight briefing just before the 8.5 minutes you’ll spend on the Ultimate Flying Ride
On the ride, be transported as images surround you on a 52.5-foot-wide wraparound screen. Experience special effects, including wind, mist, and scents, combined with the ride’s motion, creating an unforgettable experience and the ultimate flying ride.

Choose between the three exciting films now showing at FlyOver Las Vegas: "Wonders of the American West," "Iceland," and "Windborne: Call of the Canadian Rockies."

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