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How To Get Started

  1. Update Your Promoted Landing Page URL That Redirects To Your Desired Point Of Sale
  2. Upload Your Ad Banner Image Which Displays On The Main Hide&Seek Event Page
  3. Select Or Create An Upcoming Event Which You Will Make A Special Appearane At
  4. Copy Your Unique Event Referal Link Below For Your Targeted Event Invite

How To Maximize Your Ad Impressions

  1. The Percentage Share Of Ad Impressions You Receive Depends On
    • The Number Of Referal Signups You Generate
    • The Number Of QR Codes You Scan
  2. Place A Promoted Story / Image / Video On Your Instagram That Links To Your Special Appearance Event
  3. The Link Contains Your Referral ID, Which We Track To Allocate Impressions On Your Chosen Ad
  4. Give Your Instagram Followers A Chance To Meet You At An Event

How Ad Banner Targeting Works

  1. Your ad is targeted to people you have met in person, we know who you have met using QR code scan functionality
  2. We also target your ad to groups of people who have all met each other
  3. Targeting your ad to groups or communities that have all interacted helps to facilitate word of mouth
  4. Scan QR codes at events to help our targeting algorithms find the right people to show your ad to

Why This Works To Generate Sales

  1. Potential Customers (Event Attendees) Are Easier To Convert With An In Person Interaction
  2. Tell Them What You Are Promoting So They Remember
  3. This In Person Interaction Is Further Reinforced With Our Onsite Advertising After The Event
  4. Use QR Code Scans To Boost Your Ad And Target It To People You Have Met In Person
  5. Instagram Ads / Images / Videos Have Decreasingly Less Conversion Power
  6. Try The Hide&Seek Event Marketing Funnel To Maximize Sales
  7. Make A Special Appearance At An Event To Tell People About Your Business

Promoted Landing Page URL (Send Hide&Seek Users To This URL)

Using Special Appearance Marketing To Promote Your Brand

Use Instagram To Create Event Invites

Steps To Get Started

  1. Create A Targeted Event Image, Or Use The Provided Examples Below
  2. Get Your Referral Link By Clicking Referral Link On Your Chosen Event Below
  3. Create Your Own Targetted Event If You Wish
  4. Copy The Referral Link To Your Instagram Post Or Story Advertising Your Event
  5. The Amount Of Traffic Directed To Your Landing Page Depends On Number Of Signups Your Event Referral Link Generates

Why Use Hide&Seek For Advertising & Business Promotion

  1. Hide&Seek Provides Free Traffic To Your Landing Page Using Referral Signups & QR Code Scans
  2. By Selecting Hide&Seek As Your Event Platform, You Gain An Additional Traffic Boost For FREE
  3. Hide&Seek Gives You New Customers To Attend Your Event Outside Of Your Instagram Page
  4. Hide&Seek Gives You A Highly Visible Free Banner Ad To Drive New Traffic To Your Business After The Event

Select the Referral Link For The Event You Want To Promote

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