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1. A guide will pick you up at each destination
2. Death Valley National Park Signs
We'll take a picture in front of the sign in Death Valley National Park
3. Dante's view
Take a commemorative photo with the view of Death Valley after enjoying the wide and vast view of Death Valley from Dante's observatory Also listen to the guide's explanation of the history of the huge salt fields in Death Valley!
4. Zabriskie point
At Zabriskie Point, you can enjoy the low-lying landscape of Death Valley National Park
5. Badwater basin
It is located at the lowest elevation in North America ( -86 m above sea level). Take pictures with great scenery while walking along the huge salt road!
6. artist palette
The place that was named "artist palette" for resembling "artist palette"! You can see the pink, gold, green, and purple rocks that are oxidized here Watch the rocks closely at the artist palette tracking course!
7. stargazing
Observe the countless stars in the darkened night sky of Death Valley
8. las vegas hotel drop-off

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