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Executions, duels, strikes, and schemes have left a mark on Boston over the last 400 years. Join a seasoned US Ghost Adventures guide for a history-packed tour of the most harrowing true crime sites in the city.

You’ll meet your group in Boston Public Garden, where you’ll dive into the bone-chilling story of one of America’s first serial killers: Jane Toppan. From there, you’ll wind through 12 other stops, unlocking a new piece of history at each one.

Stand where Benjamin Woodbridge fell, bleeding, after an 18th century duel. Hear the chaotic and contradictory testimony that left investigators stumped over the Karina Holmer murder. Get a glimpse into the minds of famous schemers like Clark Rockefeller and Charles Ponzi, and unearth the history of body snatching at the Old Granary Burial Ground.

Agatha Christie once wrote, “Crime is terribly revealing.” What will Boston’s crimes reveal about the city? Come find out.

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