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Our 3-hour private tour whisks you through these iconic Walking Dead locations, each step guided by a local guide and comfortable transportation. Prepare to stand where Rick first faced the horde on the towering Jackson Street Bridge and feel the adrenaline surge of that initial, desperate scramble for survival. Gaze upon the unsettling dome of the Capitol, once a symbol of order, now a chilling monument to the Whisperers’ brutal might. Find solace in the verdant serenity of Grant Park, where fragile communities sought solace, offering a poignant glimpse of humanity’s enduring spirit. Unmask the deceptive facade of Terminus, venturing into the scrapyard that hid a gruesome secret, and learn the harsh lesson of betrayal amidst the apocalypse. Unravel the intricate web of lies woven at the “CDC,” the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, and understand the constant struggle to decipher truth from cunning manipulation.

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